About Me

Dr. Christina N. Sherard

Dr. Christina Sherard resides in Macon, Georgia.  She is an educator, motivator, innovator, cultivator, an acclaimed gospel artist, preacher of the Gospel and a mentor to many.  From an early age, Christina knew that the Lord had a calling on her life.  While her mother was pregnant with Christina, the Lord revealed to her parents that she would sing and that people would come to know Christ as a result of the gifts He had given her.  She was reared in Holiness and was trained under the Apostolic and Prophetic ministry of the late Apostle Doris Lewis and Apostle John Barber.  Even at a young age, Christina was different from the rest of the children because her parents instilled the concept of dedication and reverence for the Lord in everything. Dr. Christina has faced persecution, sickness and even death.  However, she recognizes the extent of God’s power in her life and has dedicated herself to ensuring that God’s people are Kingdom Ready.

In addition to being a national and international proclaimer of the gospel, Dr. Sherard proudly serves as the Senior Pastor of Grace Life 365, Inc. in Macon, GA.


Dr. Christina Sherard, affectionately known by many as “Dr. C,” is the Senior Pastor of Grace Life 365 in Macon, GA. She is also a published author and Co-Host of The Christian View.  She is the daughter of Bishop Christopher and the transitioned Apostle Ernestine Sherard.  God has highly anointed Dr. Sherard to engage and minister to people from all walks of life.  Her passion in life is to see the Body of Christ working together to destroy the ploys of the enemy.  She is operates heavily in the five-fold ministry; however, even with all of her accomplishments, Dr. Sherard’s greatest gift is having the heart of a servant.

On September 26, 2008, the City of Macon honored Dr. Christina Sherard for her pursuits in Education and Music by proclaiming September 26th, Christina Sherard Day in the City of Macon. In addition to her ministry of song, Dr. Christina is a dynamic preacher of God’s word using unconventional methods to reach women and young people As Dr. Christina would say, “I call it like I see it.  If it’s a duck, I call it a duck.  If my attitude is not becoming of Christ, then it needs to be corrected, not covered up!”

Loneliness, heartbreak, persecution, tribulation, discrimination, prejudice and distress are no strangers to Dr. Christina.  However, Dr. Christina remains steadfast in prayer and fasting and is dedicated to proclaiming Word of God against all odds.  Dr. Christina Sherard understands that in order to get “the real anointing,” there must be a difference between the world and the righteous.  She also remains humble, knowing that without God, she is nothing. Dr. Christina is a mother of many and remains constant and steadfast in the faith.  And if you think that is all she wrote or that the fat lady has already sung, Baby, You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet!

I love and appreciate you.

Yours in Christ,


Dr. Christina N. Sherard